Open Letter to the Conference Board of Canada

Here is an open letter to the Conference Board of Canada’s Centre for Food in Canada and its investors from the Vancouver Food Policy Council. It shares some of the concerns we have about the process and scope of their work in trying to develop “a food strategy for all Canadians.” It also highlights the importance of Olivier De Schutter’s report and all of the events happening across Canada, including the event we are hosting on Monday, from 9-11am in the Town Hall Room at City Hall. Details here + on facebook.

Remarkable Women 2013

Contributors to our local food communities

RemarkableWomen-eventposter…including our very own VFPC member Ilana Labow!

“To honour local women who have made significant contributions to arts, culture, sports, and community in Vancouver, the Vancouver Park Board has established the Remarkable Women poster series. Each year, the individual stories of a select group of women from diverse backgrounds and abilities are featured on posters, which highlight the important roles each woman plays in our communities. The women are also honoured at a public reception timed to coincide with International Women’s Day. The posters, which are on view in community centres, schools, and libraries throughout Vancouver, are a unique way to highlight the important role women play in our daily lives.”

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Or immense gratitude to these Remarkable Women!!

Ilana Labow Debra George Jill Weiss

Joyce Rock Margo Murhpy Maricela Medina Espinoza

Meeru Dhalwala Mohinder Sidhu Shirldene Reynolds

Jerilyn (Jeri) Sparrow, Sulseemiah Squamish Nation women Stephanie Lim

The Right to Food in Canada: A Community Conversation

Monday, March 4, 2013 from 9-11am
In the Town Hall Room at Vancouver City Hall (453 West 12th Avenue)

* Please arrive a few minutes early as the event will start at 9am *


On March 4 Olivier De Schutter, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, will be presenting his report on Canada to the UN Council on Human Rights. Food Secure Canada is providing a platform for Mr De Schutter to share his conclusions in an interactive webinar with communities gathered across Canada.

His report, which can be downloaded from Food Secure Canada’s website, highlights a variety of hunger, health, aboriginal rights, and food systems (both land and water-based) issues, which we will continue to discuss once the national webinar has ended with a short panel and roundtable discussion facilitated by Brent Mansfield, the Co-Chair of the Vancouver Food Policy Council. Panelists include:

Graham Riches, Professor Emeritus, School of Social Work, UBC
Dawn Morrison, Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty
Aart Schuurman Hess, CEO, Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society
Fraser Stuart, Raise the Rates Campaign

We hope you will join us for this very important conversation that is a chance to show that we are not alone in thinking that Canada’s food system is unjust, unhealthy and unsustainable.

This event is open to the public and the media. Please distribute  For more information please contact Brent Mansfield – / 604-837-7667

Download event PDF

Food Strategy in the news

With the Food Strategy approved by City Council, here’s a roundup of articles on the Food Strategy:

Read the full council report or watch the video.

Amount of money spent on food worldwide

In light of our upcoming February Meeting exploring the theme of ‘Sustainable Diets’ – see below for a couple infographics showing the annual incoe spent on food globally and world population growth, produced by Washington State University.

(Source – click below to enlarge)

“A map of the world based on food costs as a percentage of income compared with incidence of juvenile malnutrition.

The size of the country represents the percentage spent on food. The darker the color, the higher the rate of malnutrition.”


“The first billion was the hardest. But starting in the 1950s, billions and billions more people arrived. As fertility rates decline, the world population could peak at 9 billion or so. But that’s 9 billion or so mouths to feed.”


February Meeting: Sustainable Diets

Image-front-cover_coverbookpageFor the second half of our February meeting, we’re excited that Eleanor Boyle, the recent author of High Steaks: Why and How to Eat Less Meat, will be with us to present and co-facilitate a discussion on what is internationally being called ‘sustainable diets’.

See the full meeting agenda here (PDF) >>

Wednesday, February 20th
Vancouver City Hall
453 West 12th Ave. Map

Note: Enter via 12th Avenue entrance after hours.

Here’s a video teaser: