Webinar: Local Food Procurement in a Free Trade Environment

If you are working to bring healthy local foods into public institutions – schools, universities, health care facilities etc…here’s an exciting opportunity to learn more.

Local Food Procurement in a Free Trade Environment
National webinar brought to you by Farm to Cafeteria Canada and Sustain Ontario.
Tues. April 16th – Noon PST (30 -45 minutes duration)
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Guest Speakers: Ken Babich, Canadian Public Procurement Council (based in BC)  and Kyra Bell Pascht – Environmental Lawyer (Based in Ontario)
To stay connected with Farm to Cafeteria Canada visit the National Website – www.farmtocafeteriacanada.ca

April 17 VFPC Meeting Theme – Innovative Strategies to Bring Local, Sustainable Foods into BC’s Public Institutions

Join the Vancouver Food Policy Council at City Hall on April 17, 2013 as together with Farm to Cafeteria Canada they host a session to shine a light on innovative strategies to bring local, sustainable foods into BC’s public institutions. Guest speakers include: Joanne Bays, National Manager Farm to Cafeteria Canada; Lana Popham, MLA, BCNDP, Agriculture Critic; Ken Babich, Vice President Canadian Public Procurement Council; and Hayley Lapalme, Project and Research Consultant, My Sustainable Canada. The full meeting goes from 6-8:30pm with the theme on farm to cafeteria starting at 7 pm. We hope to see you there!