Good Food for All: Exploring how the right to food can shape our policies and organizations

We are excited to announce in place of our normal meeting on October 16, World Food Day, we will be hosting an event, Good Food for All: Exploring how the right to food can shape our policies and organizations, from 6:00-8:30pm at the Roundhouse as part of the Sustenance Festival. The event is free but spots will go fast so go here to register quickly so that you won’t miss out!

The event will explore how we can work together towards a transition to a food system based on the right to food. Presentations and dicsussion will focus on how public policy and community-based food organizations can contribute to a more just and sustainable food system. Here is a bit of a teaser below.

MC – Richard Wolak, Vancouver Foodster


“The New Veg in Town” by the DTES Kitchen Tables Project Outreach Team

Presentations from Thought Leaders

Nick Saul, Community Food Centres of Canada

Aart Schuurman-Hess, Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society

Doris Chow, DTES Kitchen Tables Project and Anna Cavouras, DTES Neighbourhood House

Victoria Bull and Fraser Stuart, Raise the Rates Campaign

Towards Change: Breakout Groups and Discussion

*** In keeping that October 16 is also the first day of the Welfare Food Challenge, an event to highlight the inadequacy of welfare rates in BC, some very simple food (think peanut butter sandwiches or something of the like) will be served. ***

September 18 Meeting – Advancing Food Policy Through Food Waste

Vancouver Food Policy Council meetings start up again next Wednesday night, September 18 at 6pm in the Town Hall Room at City Hall. You won’t want to miss this month’s theme, Advancing Food Policy Through Food Waste. The following presenters are on the agenda for the theme (starting after the break at 7pm):
(1) Tara Moreau – Food Policy 101 – Tara will lead us off with a primer on food policy. She’ll introduce some key terms, and discuss how policy change may happen. The information she provides will help to increase our understanding of food policy so we can better engage with change-making in a practical sense.
(2) Katie Schilt – Food Waste Policy in Vancouver – Katie has been the VFPC and SPEC Food Waste Policy Research Intern. She has completed an incredible amount of work this summer, and is very excited to present our research findings. There will also be some exciting outcomes and action steps to discuss.
(3) Leah Toews – Policy Analysis 101 – Leah is a graduate of the SFU Masters of Public Policy program. Leah will take us through the process of policy analysis using her thesis topic – Increasing Green Bin Program Participation in Multi-Family Residences.

You can download the draft agenda for the meeting here.