Candidates Responses to our Food Policy Questionnaire

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A few weeks ago we circulated a questionnaire to all candidates including those for Mayor, City Council, Parks Board, and the School Board with questions developed by the Vancouver Food Policy Council and community members. We started this work in June and are now delighted to share the responses we received from candidates. Have a read and consider what candidates have committed to doing for a more just and sustainable food system if they are elected on November 15.

Jane Bouey

Adriane Carr

Diana Day

Janet Fraser

Pete Fry

Gwen Giesbrecht

Tim Louis

Stuart Mackinnon

Mischa Oak

Ian Robertson

Colin Shandler

Ludvik Skalicky

Michael Wiebe

Are you a candidate in the upcoming election and would like to fill out our questionnaire? You can access it here. We will continue posting responses as we receive them.

All Candidates Questionnaire

As part of our efforts leading up to the November 15 election, the VFPC has been working on developing a questionnaire for municipal candidates for Mayor, City Council, Parks Board, and School Board to address how they will incorporate food system issues into their work if elected.

The questionnaire is live and ready for candidates to complete. You can access it here.

Responses will be posted right back here on our blog as we receive them as well as at our October 15 Town Hall meeting.