VFPC Members

The council has a maximum of 21 voting members, including 14 representing specific food system areas (production, processing & distribution, retail, access & consumption, waste management), and 7 at-large members. VFPC quorum (the minimum number of members that must be present at a meeting to make the proceedings of that meeting valid) is 11. Voting members are appointed by City Council for a two year term. When vacancies arise mid-term, we first try to fill the vacancy with someone who has already applied for a seat on council.

We also have a number of non-voting liaison members of council who help us keep connected to the City and other important regional policy entities.

Together, we are a diverse group of people who are passionate about sustainable food systems. To find out more about a specific member, click their name to view their biography.

VFPC Members

Liaisons Appointed by City of Vancouver (Non-Voting)

Other Liaisons (Non-Voting)

  • Claire Gram (Regional Representative from Vancouver Coastal Health)
  • Lindsay Bisschop (Regional Representative from the BC Ministry of Agriculture)