Member Biography: Georgia Stanley

GeorgiaStanleyBioPic2016What organizations are you affiliated with? I am the Manager of Membership & Communications at the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets. As a volunteer, I help organize the East Van Apple Press Fest.
What motivated you to join the VFPC? I have always been very inspired by food and how powerfully it can connect us to community, place, home and health. For this reason, I feel very fortunate to be a member of VFPC and eager to inform policy in a field so near to my heart. I grew up in East Vancouver and have seen it change dramatically in the last 30 years. While some of these changes have been positive, I have witnessed pressures that threaten our ability to sustain a local food system that is equitable and accessible to the people who wish to call Metro Vancouver home, and the farmers and food producers we rely on throughout the province. After working and studying in the field of local food systems for the last decade, I look forward to continued learning, and contributing to meaningful and effective food policy in Vancouver.
What are your areas of expertise in the food system? (and/or) What are your skills? Sustainable agriculture; direct farm marketing; farmers’ markets: economic and social benefits, small farm business development; non-profit organizations; food preservation; keeping backyard chickens
Tell us one interesting fact about yourself; (and/or) What is one of your proudest food system-related accomplishments? I’ve interviewed over 180 farmers throughout the regions of BC. I love learning and hearing the perspectives of the individuals that put so much time into farming. Most of the interviews were conducted for two projects I worked on: (1) A joint research project with the University of Northern BC and the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets to better understand how and why farmers’ markets fit into farmers’ business plans (2) The Peace River Regional District Agricultural Area Plan, which gathered input on the opportunities and challenges faced by farmers and agriculture in the northeastern most region of BC.
Which VFPC working group(s) are you currently active on and/or do you co-chair?


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