Member Biography: Kevin Huang 黃儀軒

KH by Matt SchroeterWhat organizations are you affiliated with?  hua foundation, executive director; Chinatown Today, Operations Manager.
What motivated you to join the VFPC? Interest in how policy can inform and forward food security and food justice goals. Interest in unpacking and starting the process of resolving issues such as the gaps in who is and who is not at ‘the table’? How can we be better settlers on this land through a food system lens? Also, motivated by the the opportunity to work and learn with policy-minded folks.
What are your areas of expertise in the food system? (and/or) What are your skills? Community development, Food justice, Racial justice, Inter- and Cross-cultural engagement, Sustainable seafood, Education, Vancouver’s parallel food systems (insight into history, networks, emerging issues). Coming from a business background, I also have interests in food economics. Over the past year, I’ve been looking into how social and cultural determinants play a role in shaping our food system(s).
Tell us one interesting fact about yourself; (and/or) What is one of your proudest food system-related accomplishments? Proud of organizing on the intersections of culture x identity x community since 2009 (under Shark Truth) to co-founding hua foundation. Food systems specifically, I’m proud of the entire Choi Project portfolio – from creating education materials, designing culturally accessible workshops, engaging businesses, fielding primary research, to partnering with such wonderful individuals and organizations to advance common food security goals as well as challenge ourselves as a system. Currently, I’m honoured to play a role in advancing discourse and understanding of Vancouver’s Food System history; in particular, sharing why and how parallel food systems were formed and continue to be reinforced. Question is… where do we go from here?
Which VFPC working group(s) are you currently active on and/or do you co-chair? Right to Food Working Group

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