Member Biography: Nikoo Boroumand

What organizations are you affiliated with? Coordinator – SPEC School Gardens Program; Member – Vancouver School Food Network; Volunteer – Copley Community Orchard; Volunteer – Cambie Square Demonstration/ Communal Garden
What motivated you to join the VFPC? I have seen witnessed how social, environmental, and health goals can be combined and reached around food. I’m especially interested in food literacy in many different contexts.
What are your areas of expertise in the food system? (and/or) What are your skills? Growing food, holistic nutrition, food and garden education, composting, community organizing
Tell us one interesting fact about yourself; (and/or) What is one of your proudest food system-related accomplishments? I’m grateful to be able to directly educate (and hopefully inspire) over 1100 elementary-level students across Vancouver every year about soil, worms, seeds, seedlings, pollinators, vegetables, etc.
Which VFPC working group(s) are you currently active on and/or do you co-chair?
School Food Working Group

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