VFPC Working Groups

Much of the VFPC’s work is completed by Working Groups (WGs), which are sub-committees that tackle specific food-policy projects that are within the scope of our Terms of Reference.

Some of our WGs are ad-hoc (they form for a limited time to address a specific, time-sensitive issue) and others are more long-standing. WGs can include some or all of the members of the VFPC, in addition to members of the public. They meet monthly, or as-needed, outside of our regular council meetings. WGs do not make any independent decisions or take action, rather, they report out to the full VFPC at regular monthly meetings where any action oriented decisions are made by the whole council.

Working Group membership is open to the public. If you are interested in getting involved with one of the WGs, contact us to find out if new members are currently being accepted, what commitment is required, and when the next meeting is.

Our Active Working Groups and their Objectives (Current as of March 2018)

 Development Working Group  – Identify food system issues and opportunities in development proposals, rezoning applications, and other City of Vancouver planning processes and work with City of Vancouver staff and stakeholders to address and/or realize them.
 Food Justice Working Group – Identify key and emerging food justice issues with a strong focus on community identified priorities.- Use city policy documents (Food Strategy, Greenest City Action Plan, etc) as starting points to address food justice issues in the city. Work with these to identify gaps and limitations that need to be addressed.- Support other VFPC working groups to apply a justice lens in their analyses.
 Children and Youth Working Group

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-Explore how to support pre-school and post-graduate food literacy work.
– Advocate for and support school food programs and food literacy in schools. The VFPC is a member of the national Coalition for Healthy School Food.
 Food Waste Working Group  – Identify opportunities and contribute to the success of the City of Vancouver’s food waste recycling programs, assist in the development of the 2040 Zero Waste strategy and coordinate efforts with all VFPC working groups to achieve a holistic representation of the food system.
 Urban Farming Working Group – To inform and provide feedback on the City of Vancouver’s intended plan to monitor and assess City of Vancouver’s urban farming bylaws and policies.