Working Groups

Much of the VFPC’s work is completed by Working Groups (WGs), which are sub-committees that tackle specific food-policy projects that are within the scope of our Terms of Reference.

Some of our WGs are ad-hoc (they form for a limited time to address a specific, time-sensitive issue) and others are more long-standing. WGs can include some or all of the members of the VFPC, in addition to members of the public. They meet monthly, or as-needed, outside of our regular council meetings. WGs do not make any independent decisions or take action, rather, they report out to the full VFPC at regular monthly meetings where any action oriented decisions are made by the whole council.

Working Group membership is open to the public. If you are interested in getting involved with one of the WGs, contact us to find out if new members are currently being accepted, what commitment is required, and when the next meeting is.

2022 Working Groups:

  1. Food Waste
  2. Building Food Equity
  3. Children and Youth
  4. Climate Adaptation