Member Biography: Dirk Gibbs

What organizations are you affiliated with? Net Zero Waste, Small Scale Food Processors Association – Board of Directors, Vancouver Food Policy Council, DG Consulting

What motivated you to join the VFPC? Getting involved in my community has always been a passion. Having participated as a member of the public with the VFPC and seeing first hand the scope of work was inspirational. When the opportunity to apply for a volunteer position with the council came to my attention I was eager to offer my expertise. As a representative for the organic waste recycling industry I saw an opportunity to contribute to a circular economic vision for the food system. Recycling food waste as compost back to primary producers, city landscape infrastructure and the engineering of water management systems are example of how we can bring food waste full circle. Additionally, sitting with fellow committee and community members, representing all factions of the food system, ensures a holistic approach to food security is occurring systemically in our city. To be a part of this conversation is truly an honor.

What are your areas of expertise in the food system? (and/or) What are your skills? Primary production of field grains and vegetables, indoor/urban vertical agriculture and organic waste recycling.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself; (and/or) What is one of your proudest food system-related accomplishments? Unrelated to food – I am an avid back-country recreationist enjoying activities like: skiing, mountain biking, canoeing and hiking. 

Which VFPC working group(s) are you currently active on and/or do you co-chair?  Leadership Working Group, Parks Board RFP Committee and Zero Waste Strategy Working Group.