Member Biography: Will Jung

Will JungWhat organizations are you affiliated with? Bokoeco Partners Inc. – President/CEO, HiVE Vancouver Society – Board Member, Vancouver Board of Trade – Member Sustainability Advisory Panel, Board of Change – Member

What motivated you to join the VFPC? I’ve always been interest in the food system more on the tail end of the food cycle such as compost to soil. How to produce compost in a safer way and then turning it into soil.

What are your areas of expertise in the food system? (and/or) What are your skills? Strategic planning, systems thinking and creating community partnerships

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself; (and/or) What is one of your proudest food system-related accomplishments? I’m an International Luge Official

Which VFPC working group(s) are you currently active on and/or do you co-chair?  Co-Chair – Endorsement WG, Co-Chair – Compost/Soil WG, Co-Director for Waste Management, Leadership Committee