November 13 Meeting: Intercultural Food Literacy & the Hua Foundation

We are back in our regularly scheduled location and time for our next meeting November 13, 6-8:30 PM, Town Hall Room, City Hall.

This month we are welcoming the Hua Foundation.

Hua Foundation is a new youth-driven nonprofit that grew out of the program Shark Truth. Their mission is to reunite the worlds of cultural heritage and environmental action in their community starting with the topic of healthy, sustainable eating. What does that mean around our family’s dinner tables? Where can we get locally-grown organic bak choi? These are some of the questions they’re trying to answer. At this Food Policy Meeting, they will present their idea to start an “Asian CSA” through partnerships of local urban farmers as a sort of Case Study. The short-term goal is to get a conversation around building a market for local, organic Asian produce but what should the CSA model look like? What are good long-term objectives for making it accessible to the masses? Should it be through supermarkets? Encouraging people to grow on their own? What will it take to support our community in localizing/making our diets as sustainable as possible? Can the City of Vancouver support these goals, in what ways?

The proposed meeting agenda can be found here: VFPC – November 2013 Draft Meeting Agenda

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