The VFPC has a maximum of 21 voting members. Members participate on the VFPC as individuals, and are not representatives of the organizations they are affiliated with. Members are appointed by Vancouver City Council according to the City’s Diversity on Advisory Bodies Policy, which requires that advisory bodies shall be comprised of a membership of at least of people from equity-seeking groups and 50% of people who self-identify as women.

Further, the VFPC itself recommends to City Council that the membership composition should meet the criteria outlined below (Category A and Category B, with necessary overlap between the categories). This membership composition was recommended by a VFPC working group who considered the topic in depth during the 2016-2017 VFPC term and was adopted by VFPC at its October 2018 meeting.

Category A: “Expertise”
VFPC membership includes a minimum of the following, with qualifications including work, and/or volunteer, and/or research experience:

  • Production (2 members)
  • Processing and Distribution (2 members)
  • Retail (2 members)
  • Food Security (3 members)
    – Includes Financial Accessibility + Availability
  • Food Waste (2 members)
  • Indigenous Food Sovereignty (2 members)
  • Resilience (2 members)
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (2 members)
  • Members at Large (4 members)

Category B: “Lived Experience”
Recognizes that intersecting lived experiences inform individuals’ perspectives and priorities, and that recruitment of citizen council members with different perspectives is critical to developing policies reflective of Vancouver’s diversity.

Individuals in this category are not expected to offer representative expertise on behalf of a large population group, as this expectation would be tokenistic and unfair. In the event that broad expertise from those with particular lived experience is required to inform food policy, City staff will support VFPC members to connect with members of an appropriate citizen advisory committee for advice (e.g. Seniors Advisory Committee, LGBTQ2+ Advisory Committee or other, as relevant).

While VFPC members’ lived experiences are anticipated to inform their food policy perspectives, they are not expected to represent the views of broad constituent groups in which they self-identify.

VFPC includes a minimum of 12 members self-identifying with the following lived experiences. If the City is not able to recruit members with the following lived experience, these seats shall remain empty until qualified candidates apply for these seats. Applications shall remain open until all seats are filled.

Two members at minimum for each of the following:

  • Indigenous Communities
  • LGBTQ2+
  • People of Colour/Racialized Communities
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Seniors
  • Youth

VFPC’s Current Members

The VFPC is currently on hiatus until the new term gets underway in 2023.

Liaisons Appointed by City of Vancouver (Non-Voting)

  • City Council: TBD
  • Parks Board: no Commissioner appointed at this time
  • Staff Liaisons: Caitlin Dorward (City – Social Policy), Caitlyn Harrison (Park Board)
  • Vancouver School Board Trustee: TBD
  • Clerk: TBD