Food System News and Networking

Many of our members stay connected and up to date on current events and news in the food system world through email discussion lists and newsletters. Below are some we recommend. If you know of another list that should be added, please contact us to lets us know!

Email discussion groups/Listservs:

  • Municipal Food Policy in Canada: a newly formed email list for people involved in municipal food policy across Canada. The goal of the email list is to strengthen our movement by facilitating idea, knowledge, and resource sharing
  • BC Food Systems Network email lists: this community organization supporting sustainable food systems and food security at the provincial level in BC has a number of active email listservs
  • COMFOOD Listserv: an email discussion list on all aspects of community food systems and beyond, with North America wide membership
  • COABC Listserv: a forum for organic farmers and like-minded folk to post questions, answers and exchange ideas and share information in regards to organic farming, specific to BC
  • BC Urban Farmers Email List: means of communicating ideas, sharing and finding resources, and promoting dialogue on the topic of urban farming in BC
  • Foodplanning list: an email list to facilitate information sharing between urban planning practitioners and academics interested in connections between urban planning and policy and the food system, North America wide
  • FAO Food for Cities discussion group: brings together people committed to work on the issue related to food, agriculture, urbanization and cities, worldwide
  • Food Policy Networks listserv: US based list that connects stakeholders seeking to create a more sustainable, healthy and equitable food system through public policy at the state, regional, local and tribal level


  • Greenest City News: news from the City of Vancouver on the Greenest City Action plan and related initiatives
  • BC Food Security Gateway: provides BC communities with up-to-date food security information, features a weekly food system newsletter
  • BC Urban Farmers Monthly Newsletter: details of local urban farming events, urban farmer gatherings as well selected urban farming news from throughout North America
  • Food Tank: a source for global food systems change news
  • Food Climate Research Network: international news and research on the intersection of food, climate, and broader sustainability issues
  • PICS: BC-relevant news and research on climate change