January 13th Meeting

All are welcome to join our meeting on Thursday January 13th, 6-8:30pm held online via Webex. Find a link to join the meeting here

This month we are grateful to welcome Kanatiio Gabriel to our meeting. Kanatiio will be presenting his vision of Indigenous Food Sovereignty and inviting conversation about the complexity and pathways towards this vision. Kanatiio works with Dude’s Club Vancouver, the Astoria Urban Farm, and the DTES Food Sovereignty Collaborative, and his biography is available on the DUDES Club website here.


1. Call to Order and invitation to use chat to introduce yourself  6:00
2. Land Acknowledgement 

We will be hosting this meeting on the stolen lands of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsliel-Waututh Nations, and we will be working throughout our term to build our commitment to this land, to listen to the leadership of the Host Nations, and to think always about who we are in this work together: how does food connect us, nurture us, offer healing and inclusion?

3. Online meeting reminders  6:03-05
4. Motion of approval of draft meeting minutes for three meetings

  • September 9th 2021
  • November 8th 2021
  • November 18th 2021
5. Liaison Updates

  • Councillor Wiebe
  • Trustee Gonzalez
  • Park Board – Rebecca Till
  • Social Policy – Caitlin Dorward/Jason Hsieh
6. Working Group Updates

  • Brief update on progress towards workplan objectives, and identify if able to organize an upcoming meeting
    • Food Waste
    • Building Food Equity
    • Children and Youth
    • Climate Adaptation
  • Meeting Schedule: each WG to have opportunity to host a meeting’s educational component
7. Admin Team updates 6:45-6:50
8. Bread basket (outstanding items) 6:50-7:00
9. BREAK 7:00-7:10
10. Kanatiio Gabriel presentation on Indigenous Food Sovereignty 

  • Words that come before all words
  • Intro and Context, Goals and Brave Spaces
  • Think Tank style discussion
  • WGs to offer one question/reflection each
  • Open conversation with all members
  • Draft Motion
11. Adjournment (Motion to Adjourn) 8:30