Remarkable Women 2013

Contributors to our local food communities

RemarkableWomen-eventposter…including our very own VFPC member Ilana Labow!

“To honour local women who have made significant contributions to arts, culture, sports, and community in Vancouver, the Vancouver Park Board has established the Remarkable Women poster series. Each year, the individual stories of a select group of women from diverse backgrounds and abilities are featured on posters, which highlight the important roles each woman plays in our communities. The women are also honoured at a public reception timed to coincide with International Women’s Day. The posters, which are on view in community centres, schools, and libraries throughout Vancouver, are a unique way to highlight the important role women play in our daily lives.”

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Or immense gratitude to these Remarkable Women!!

Ilana Labow Debra George Jill Weiss

Joyce Rock Margo Murhpy Maricela Medina Espinoza

Meeru Dhalwala Mohinder Sidhu Shirldene Reynolds

Jerilyn (Jeri) Sparrow, Sulseemiah Squamish Nation women Stephanie Lim

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