VFPC Reconvening in Sept., and Recruiting Indigenous Applicants

Post update, July 8th 2021 – Recruitment for these openings has now closed!

The last meeting of the VFPC’s term was held in April and the committee is now on hiatus asĀ  part of the usual turnover that takes place for all City advisory bodies every two years.

During this time, new members are being appointed by Council and, once appointed, the new members will participate in several training and orientation meetings in June-July. We anticipate that the first formal meeting of the VFPC, open to members of the public to attend, will be in September.

Please note and help spread the word – the VFPC is still recruiting for two additional applicants who identify as Indigenous. The recruitment of Indigenous identifying members is in fulfilment of the VFPC’s membership structure outlined here. More information can be found at www.vancouver.ca/volunteer (scroll to the bottom and select “learn more and apply”). Or reach out to foodpolicy@vancouver.ca with any questions.