City of Vancouver to Proclaim Meatless Monday June 10th

The Vancouver Food Policy Council is excited to let you know that the City of Vancouver will be proclaiming Monday June 10th, 2013 as Meatless Monday.

Those of you who were with us at our February meeting saw the presentation by local author Eleanor Boyle, who outlined scientific research showing the environmental problems of large-scale meat production and consumption. While livestock can be good for environments and meat can be good for health, she said, too much is bad for the planet and public health. We then discussed how we could support the international movement for more sustainable diets, and decided to recommend that Vancouver adopt the educational initiative Meatless Monday.

We’re grateful to see the City, and our liaison Councillor Heather Deal, willing to get behind this initiative. Vancouver is the first Canadian city to take this step.

Meatless Monday

Why Meatless Monday?

Because the city of Vancouver is dedicated to developing food systems that are sustainable and that support community well-being; and the city is committed to its Greenest City Action Plan encouraging citizens to make choices that will add to environmental health.

From a policy perspective, the Vancouver Food Strategy and Vancouver Food Charter have advocated for food systems that protect global resources and contribute to planetary health.

Policy initiatives and educational programs such as Meatless Monday have educated global citizens to moderate their intake of animal-source foods and choose meat, dairy and seafood that has been produced sustainably.

How can you get involved?

This proclamation is a chance to celebrate and educate! Whether you are a solo citizen wanting to host a potluck or a community organization with a goal to educate about a plant based diet, we want to hear what you’ve got planned!

Post your event to our facebook page, and send us the info so we can get the word out.

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